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Hello! I've been working in film and television for a little over three years now and it has been quite the journey. I have risen through the ranks from production assistant to camera assistant to assistant director and eventually director. My progression in film exposed me to a wide variety of aspects of the production process. From pre-production to set work to post production, and on everything from web series to commercials to feature films. These opportunities equipped me with an in-depth understanding of how movies are made and ultimately bettering me as a filmmaker and director.

I aim to create thought-provoking and impactful narrative pieces. Projects that I have helmed in the past focused on the issues of audism, poverty and depression, among others. Art always has the potential to be a powerful tool of communication and awareness. It is a goal in each of my films to seize that opportunity and leave the audience with thought-provoking conversation. My films have ranged from award-nominated short narratives, Terra and the Earth, to my experimental pieces, such as Foundations, which examined societal pressures and pitfalls. I take pride in producing works that speak loud and speak clear.

As with my earlier works I was attracted to direct My Million Dollar Mom for it's realistic depiction of a prevalent condition, in this case Alzheimer's disease, and the people it affects everyday. While movies often serve as escapist pieces, it is also important to use the medium as a mirror of the human condition. The joy, triumphs, failures and heartbreak of loving someone unconditionally shine in the script and I look forward to transferring that evoking power to film. My Million Dollar Mom is not just a story of a woman battling a life altering illness, but the journey of a mother and son as they embrace the unknown of tomorrow.

Rose Glaeser

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Ross and Happy Girl
Rose Glaeser


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