My Million Dollar Mom Launches "Presentation in a Box" Program

Film, book and discussion program about dementia now available for community events and continuing education

September 11, 2018

Ross Schriftman, author, screenwriter and producer of the book and film, My Million Dollar Mom, is proud to announce the availability of the My Million Dollar Mom "Presentation in a Box" program for community events and continuing education initiatives. Schriftman and a team of professionals have developed the program with the goals of raising awareness about dementia; encouraging and guiding people in their planning for long term care needs; and giving courage and hope to families with loved ones who are living with various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease.

Schriftman's book is the story of his mom, Shirley, the lessons of caring for one another that she instilled in him, and the challenges he faced caring for her at the end of her life when she had Alzheimer's. The 32 minute film is a drama inspired by the true story. It addresses the difficult choices we face between career and family needs when a loved one is ill.

The "Presentation in a Box" program is now available for events at caring communities, religious organizations, educational institutions and professional organizations in the fields of law, medicine and finance, with opportunities for continuing education credits as well. Syllabuses specific to various professions are being developed.

The box, which comes in physical and electronic formats, contains the film, the book, an organizer and host guide, participant discussion pamphlets, brain health ideas, and a planning checklist. Audiences will be able to view the film, then have a discussion with questions designed specific for family care givers, those living with dementia, professional care givers, doctors and other health care providers, financial planners, insurance agents, lawyers, accountants, advocates and government officials.

"We plan to assist as many people as possible in achieving a better understanding of the various dynamics of dementia and dementia care so that we all can do a better job of helping those living with these conditions." said Schriftman. Click here for more information about the program. A form requesting details can be submitted to My Million Dollar Mom LLC programs. Schriftman and his team will then follow up with specifics including pricing and the availability of Schriftman as a speaker for an event.

The My Million Dollar Mom Educational Advisory members are:

  • Kevin Jameson, DrHC, President - Dementia Society of America
  • Dr. Jeannine Forest, Through the Forrest, Advisor - Dementia Society of America
  • Marcy Shoemaker, Psychologist and Director of Marketing - Abramson Center
  • Dr. Patricia White, PhD, RN, CSCM, President and CEO - Integrity In-Home Care
  • Vince Phillips, President and Continuing Education Director - Phillips Associates
  • Rachel Wiley, Founder and Owner - Day by Day Home Therapy
  • Eric Sierka, President and Owner - BrightStar Care Franchisee
  • Michael Ellenbogen, Advocate
  • Tom Brophy, Advocate
  • William Brams, President - Harvest Advisers Financial Services
  • Marge Jacoby, Retired Director of Community Relations - Brandywine Living community
  • Michelle Seitzer, Writer, Editor and Elder Care Specialist
  • Nancy Ann Kelly Financial Services Specialist - Mass Mutual
  • Jane Meier Hamilton, MSN, RN, Author and Founder - Partners on the Path, LLC

"I am incredibly grateful to our Educational Advisory Group for their time, expertise and encouragement in the development of this important program," Schriftman said. "I thank them for helping me honor the memory of my mom, in my efforts to help others. She would want me to do this, as her life was about helping her family, her friends and her community."

Information about scheduled events is available by contacting Ross Schriftman. Interviews with Mr. Schriftman are also available.

About My Million Dollar Mom: Based on the book of the same name by Ross Schriftman, My Million Dollar Mom is a film about a loving mother who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's and the devoted son who steps forward to care for her. Schriftman's production company is working with the Dementia Society of America in an effort to promote awareness about dementia. The "Presentation in a Box" program includes a screening of the film, followed by an audience discussion about the issues surrounding Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Schriftman's ultimate goal is to release the film to a worldwide audience.

This film is directed by Kevin Hackenberg, who began his career working on the M. Night Shyamalan films The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. He went on to establish the production company Get-Kinetic in 2003 in Philadelphia, where he and his staff create visual content for clients as varied as Temple University and NBC10 in Philadelphia.

The cast includes Pete Postiglione, portraying Ross Schriftman. Postiglione is a Philadelphia native who has appeared in film and television shows such as Silver Linings Playbook and The West Wing and was nominated for an Emmy for hosting "Dig Philly" which is produced by NBC/Universal. Also featured is Susan Moses, portraying Shirley Schrftman, Ross' mother. Moses has appeared in the movie Invincible and played Schmitty's mother in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She has been a guest host on QVC and taught voice and movement at the University of Miami.

More information can be found at and or by contacting Ross Schriftman at